Tutorials 1

Deep Learning on Graphs: Learning beyond Euclidean Data
Michaël Defferrard

Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing
Jasmijn Bastings

Orals 1

Unifying Local and Non-local Signal Processing with Graph CNNs
Gilles Puy, Srđan Kitić and Patrick Pérez

Tutorials 2

Geometric Deep Learning: Going beyond Euclidean domains
Federico Monti

Orals 2

Face Recognition via Deep Sparse Graph Neural Networks
Renjie Wu, Sei-ichiro Kamata and Toby Breckon

BrainSegNet: A Segmentation Network for Human Brain Fiber Tractography Data into Anatomically Meaningful Clusters
Tushar Gupta, Shreyas Malakarjun Patil, Mukkaram Tailor, Daksh Thapar and Aditya Nigam